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    Hello Ernest,

    You may remember that we asked for your help regarding the Ajax Search plugin and and we were very pleased with your solution.

    The site is

    We wonder if you could help us again.

    We are working on a site where we need to display around 130 persons as staff.
    We used The Grid plugin but we are not very happy with the result and wonder if we could not use your search plugin.

    So here are what we would like to achieve

    We have the staff in 3 categories

    Department head
    Other Experts

    We want to display them in alphabetical order by surname, first heads, than partners and then experts

    We want to filter by location, key markets, services, sectors.
    So when we select a location and a key market (or service or sector) only those relevant are displayed.
    We want this display to be in the same order: head of that sector first, then partners and then experts.

    What we did (you can see on Your Experts page)

    We used The Grid plugin

    Each person has a page

    There are 3 categories for pages: department head, partner, expert
    There are tags for locations, key markets, services, sectors
    The grid filter by these categories and tags.

    There is also a custom field (order) that we used to sort the order. So the first person has order=1 and last, order=130

    There are a few things we dont like with the grid

    When selecting a key market/service/sector the field doesnt show what is selected
    If you select a key market and then want to select a service you have to select back “all key markets” first

    There is also an issues that we hope you can help us to solve.

    When we select a sector, first we need to show the head of that sector then the partners and then the expert.
    When there are more heads having the same sector, the relevant head has to be first. Now it is displayed in alphabetical order (by surname) and the relevant head is not always the first.


    If you select “professional sports” as the sector, the head will be the third and not the first as it should be.

    On the site we also have the general search where you helped us to have only location and key market or service or sector selected.

    Also on sub category pages we created search forms to show people relevant to that sub category for each location.

    And here we were able to achieve the sort order as we wanted.

    For example on the Sectors/Agriculture page

    For the persons who have assigned the agriculture sector we created a custom field – agriculture-.

    For head this custom field has the “a” value, for partners “b” and for “experts “c”

    In the search plugin settings we set under Ordering

    Primary result ordering – by “agriculture” custom field ascending
    Secondary result ordering – by “order” custom filed ascending

    So, what we need is
    – the search form displays by default all persons
    – filter by key markets, services, sectors, locations
    – filter by location + key market/service/sector
    – filter the same way as on Agriculture page

    We really hope you can help us and we are happy to pay for your work.

    Kind Regards

    Angela & Richard

    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko

    Hi Angela & Richard,

    Sorry for the late response, some tickets got marked as spam for some reason and I’m answering them now.

    I’ve read your request, and let me start by saying that unfortunately I cannot accept payed customization requests. It’s not because I don’t want to, simply I can’t find any more time to work besides doing support and improving my plugins all day, every day.

    I think I’m lost with all the information you have provided here, sorry about that. Let’s start with a few questions first:

    – Do you have a search instance created for this already, and if so, which one? (I see a lot of them on the back-end, that’s why I’m asking)
    – Have been able to implement some of the features you needed on that instance?
    – Which features are missing/malfunctioning?

    Ernest Marcinko

    If you like my products, don't forget to rate them on codecanyon :)

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