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    I just downloaded the plugin and need to do following things. Would love to get your help!

    1) Is there any way I can add custom fonts to your search form? I have added that font on wordpress already but It does not appear in the typography section in your plugin

    2) How can I change the label text of the search form? There should be a grey: What are you searching for? text

    3) I want to have following layout. See here:

    I have decided my questions in a,b,c…

    a) How can I have those kind of prechoosable tags / categories in my search bar? They should be under it and it the same layout (white background)

    b) How can I align the font to the left and add a search icon?

    c) How can I add a “Category choose” section on the right?

    d) The search should be directly findable (Ajax search). Instead of having all results in a Lightbox I want them to display under the search form in one row with 3 posts. How can I design that?

    e) How can I ensure that post results have an image at the top, title on the bottom, content snippet under it and also information like date etc? In the same design?

    Really are looking forward to your feedback!


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