Ajax Search Pro for WordPress 4.12 Developer notes

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New features

Priority groups

This is a long awaited feature, which allows prioritizing results based on category (taxonomy term) and custom field rules. This feature can be found under the existing Priorities menu. It allows creating rule groups, where rules can be defined – based on post meta or by taxonomy terms.

When is this feature useful?

  • When certain posts in (or not in) certain category (or more categories) should be displayed first.
    Example: Posts from category “Blog” should be displayed first, then the rest of the results.
  • When posts having a certain custom field (post meta) and value should be displayed first.
    Example: Products between prices 1-100 should be displayed first, then the others.
  • ..any combination of the above.
    Example: Products within the “T-shirt” category and below price 500 should be dispayed first.

For more information please check the Priority Groups documentation.


There was one major change, where the isotopic layout now supports percentage item widths as well – instead of the previous pixel based widths.


There were a lot of fixes, the most important ones are:

  • The previously used ‘keyup’ event changed to ‘input’ for better compability. This fixes an issue with mobile keyboards, where the suggestions would not trigger the search.
  • Fixed the delay when the search results would ‘jump’ when the scrolling appeared – especially on mobile devices and in compact plugin layout.
  • The plugin now detects if any of the parent elements are within a ‘fixed’ position, and adjust the results and the settings boxes accordingly.
  • Index table and the search in title, content and excerpt filters are now working together as excpected. (but not recommended)

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