Ajax Search Pro for WordPress 4.11.10 Developer Notes

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New Features

Content Type Filter

This a long awaited feature, that allows filtering results by content type. Since the plugin supports searching custom post types, taxonomy terms, users, attachments and buddypress content at the same time, this filter can help users to further narrow the results by these content types.

The new options are available under the Fronten Search Settings -> Content Type panel. For more details, please check the Content Type Filter documentation.


The depricated ‘label’ and ‘option’ CSS classes were completely removed from the front-end filters, use ‘asp_option_inner’ and ‘asp_option_label’ classes instead. According to previous changes, the basic style.basic.css file uses the shorthand classes now, saving some more serving space and bandwidth.


The ‘Standard’ post format is now present in the list under the taxonomy term filters, and should work as expected. Unfortunately this term does not actually exists in the WordPress database, it is rather a mark for a lack of post format, so we are still expecting issues with.

The back-end search issue was fixed as well, caused by an incorrect override detection.

A few minor front-end issues – such as the popstate (browser back button), a visibility issue with the chosen script, and an unexpected autocomplete live search trigger issue – were also resolved.

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